Featured Artist: Diana Ormanzhi

Diana Ormanzhi is an amazing young artist based in Sacramento specializing in breath taking surrealism.  She captures snap shots of another dimension reminiscent of works by Salvador Dali. I asked her some questions about her proccess 

whats your favorite medium to use?

For the past two and a half years, my medium of choice has been oil paint. Many mediums are pretty straight forward but with oils my process is changing with every new painting. It makes me feel a bit like an alchemist, mixing different ratios of liquids to see what the results may be.

 what artists do you draw inspiration from?

If I were to choose a top three for artists living and working today, it’d have to be Christian Rex van Minnen, Greg “Craola” Simkins, and Sean Norvet. Their artwork and subject matter is so trippy to look at but it’s sooo skillfully made. The longer you stare at their artwork, the more you see.

 do you like to listen to music while you paint? if so what?

Unlike many artists, I rarely listen to music when I’m painting. Usually, I’ll put on a tv show or movie that doesn’t require much of my attention. I just like something chattering in the background. 

the hardest thing for you draw that you would like to improve on?

Probably faces, it’s just difficult to capture the essence of a person. Not just the lips, the nose, the eyes, but also what’s behind them. It’s something I’m planning to tackle eventually but this past year I haven’t been in the mood to draw portraits at all. Other subject matters are capturing my interest more currently.

You can view Diana's art on her instagram page @dianaormanzhi

or see some of these other-worldy pieces in person at the Crocker museum of Art in Sacramento California

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