BASTIENGOAT is an underground electronic artist based in Oakland California. His style bounces gracefully through many different genres, mainly honing in on all the things we love about old school drum and bass and classic breakbeat tracks an elevating that into a modern sound that is super fresh and inspiring.

below is a lil Q&A about his process :

How long have you been producing?

I have been playing music my whole life, starting with Cello as a kid, but i've been producing electronic music for about 8 or 9 years.

What artist(s) have you been listening to most lately?

Lately I keep listening to this mix from Geode, but I think some of the artist i've had in rotation the most the past 6 months have been Tõnu Naissoo, fitz ambro$e, sleepy eyes, Goodnight Cody, Bored Lord, Eric Benet, Salami Joe Rose, Swisha, Kush Jones, Scata and a bunch more

What kind of things do you do to get yourself musically inspired and motivated?

Hahaha a lot of times these days I kind of just walk around my studio and talk to my cat, but I also come up with a ton of ideas when i'm driving or in the shower.

Do you think living in the bay influences your music? how so?

Oh yeah most definitely, between growing up on RnB oldies and jazz around my family, listening to hyphy bay slaps in middle/high school and even still today it has had a huge influence on my music. I also grew up going to a ton of raves, punk shows, and breakcore parties that I might not have been able to go to otherwise. Mad love for the bay.

If you could headline with anyone ever dead or alive who would it be?

Hmmmm solid question. I would have loved to play a show with DJ Rashad and machinedrum in 2012/2013, but with the skills I bear now.

what are some upcoming shows or projects you're excited about?

I have an ambient album coming out in late January/early February that i'm excited about because it will be so much more different than my latest releases which have been pretty wild n hype. I'm planning on traveling as much as I can in 2018. Playing in Portland January 27th and planing some trips to Denver, Salt Lake City, Montreal, NYC, Philly and some more after winter.

His latest release "GRIS" which you can listen to here:

is a great example of his sound and a perfect introduction into his impressive body of work. the EP starts out fast paced and makes you want to immediately get up and move your body. the whole listening experience is super engaging and covers a wide spectrum of grooves. if you love glitchy juke tunes and footwork you're sure to enjoy this super fun album.

Portland Babies!! Catch BASTIENGOAT and many others on JANUARY 27th at the Watershed!!!

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