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Have you been looking for a dreamy, erotic escape to shamelessly blast and sing along to in your room this winter? Ohrkid's debut album PDA is a beautiful body of work and a great introduction to Ohrkid's world . Ohrkid is a feminist artist based in Berlin, Germany.  In just 5 songs she sets a mood full of dreamy soundscapes painted with reflections of pleasure, disgust, lust, longing, and many other emotions. you can listen to her album on the music page of the shop or on her bandcamp and soundcloud pages linked at the bottom. 

How long have you been making music?

i've been singing since i was breathing. and since i could write, i've always loved to write little poems and lyrics. but it took me until about 3 years ago to start writing my own songs. there was a lot of wounding and shame around creativity for me (as i gather there is for most people). i'm a bit of an alien, so for a while, whenever i made something, i'd think, "how does this fit in the human world?" and feel overwhelmed by that.  once i really committed to a self healing journey, though, the songs started to flow in. i know a lot of people who write songs in a kind of meticulous, slow-process way, like i imagine some people write novels. piece by piece. at the beginning, i expected i'd write that way, too. actually, it's not like that for me at all. i just have to reach a place of emotional desperation, to the level where creative expression is my refuge, and then usually the song will come out pretty much fully formed.  this is my debut ep! the first creative babies i've birthed who are grown enough to be walking on their own two feet in the world. can't wait to see how they play.

How did you find basedbrat.com?

my doula colleague and dear friend, camalo gaskin, is from california. she introduced me to her cousin, bastiengoat (amazing electronic musician), and i heard of BasedBrat through him. i think it's rad how basedbrat reaches out through clothing and costume and wild expression, to music, and that your roots and branches spread so far. as soon as i saw the site and the aesthetic, i thought, "okay here are kindred aliens also unicorning, must get in touch."

What artists have you been listening to most to kick off 2018?

i'm still deep in ctrl by sza; it's a whole world. take me apart by kelela is just sacral chakra goddess anthems. seeking refuge in utopia by björk & arca when i need really high vibrations. can't stop listening to plunge by fever ray-- this country makes it hard to fuck!!! masseduction by st. vincent. don't even know what to say about that/her. goddess. would join her cult in a second and do whatever she asked me.  sophie! takes my breath away. lido pimienta, wow, the spiritual force. there's also a part of me that's really been craving bon iver as the year turns. will peterson and erik kennedy are friends and collaborators who had huge roles in the creation of this ep. they're both brilliantly talented darlings, and they are about to release music under their new name, adore adore. cannot wait for that!

what was the inspiration behind PDA?

the silver jews have a lyric, "when something breaks, it makes a beautiful sound." a lot of dissonance, pain, confusion, self loathing, dysphoria, grief, rage, guilt, longing, and loneliness turned into these songs. it's kind of amazing how true love, and the true claiming of one's path, can have that really shadowy side, isn't it? i came across a meme recently that had little cupcake children frolicking in a meadow with the caption, "what people think being on a spiritual path is like," and then it cut to videos of just various people and animals shrieking and it was like, "what being on a spiritual path is actually like." that resonated with me. 

shedding old selves, facing and expressing personal truths in relationships, feeling alone with monsters in your head...loving people who die, or who are far away from you...making mistakes, hurting people, and learning how to apologize, are all in a way these really mundane experiences, which are common to all people. but they can feel shatteringly vulnerable at times. sometimes love puts us at risk, and there's no external map for how to deal with that. all i can do with that bigness at this point is make sound from it, because sound is the biggest thing i know

What other things do you do when you're feeling creative, besides music?

sometimes images from my dreams are really sticky and ask to be manifested, so i'll make sculptures of them. i like to make sculptures out of lettuce, cabbage, flowers, and other temporary, animate materials. i'll sit (and sing and dance) with the thing i've made for a few hours, until it shrinks and shrivels and falls apart, and i feel an exhilarating appreciation for its butterfly life.  i write poems/ rants/ and spoken word pieces. and letters. every day, i fantasize. fantasy is a practice i've had since i was a kid, which i'm lucky i never lost.  i also love to dance. when the weather is fair, i go to tempelhofer feld (a park which used to be an airport, in berlin) as the light is fading at dusk, and put on headphones and dance in the long grass until i can't see my limbs any more. i think some people walking by must think i'm a ghost...i like to dance outside, without shoes on, and where i can see the sky. but i like the privacy of the dark. 

if you could play in any city (or venue) in the world where would it be?

i want to play right here in berlin at huxley's in neukölln. the first show i saw there was beach house. victoria legrand came to the merch table in the back after the show and just started talking to people. my soul was on fire. we had a conversation, and she kissed my hand, and we both cried. everything i've seen there since has also been magical. i just fucking love that venue and always will. goals!!!

Here is her latest video for her song "DICK"  from the album "PDA" ,which you can stream on the music page!!

  you can find more of OHRKID's music on her social media pages:




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