2018 Vending Dates

2018 has been a wild year and it is finally coming to a close, but its not over yet!!! we've still got 2 more months of debauchery left! i'm confirmed for 3 market events in SACRAMENTO for november/december and might add some more. vending is so special to me because in addition to meeting you all and seeing your beautiful faces in person, I also get to clear out my old inventory and show off all my new babies that haven't even hit the site yet. heres where you can catch me for the rest of 2018 <3 <3 <3

First up

this will be my second year attending this event. this market is very close to my hear because all of the creators are Poc or Queer or Both. super nice atmosphere and great community. a fabulous place to get your holiday shopping done .

on November 24th I will be vending at an event at the Brazillion Center for Arts and Culture in downtown SACRAMENTO. lots of homies are vending at this one its gunna be a blast


Super fun event to raise money for peachdreamfest in the summertime. peachdream fest is always so lovely i'm so excited to get everyone together in these cold winter months!!

so now its up to you! pencil these dates in and don't miss out. every event I vend at is a completely unique experience. never before seen treasures will be getting scooped up left and right don't get left out

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